A year in the life


We asked our office junior, Ludo, what he thought of our inaugural year and we were stunned after he answered 'Ruff!' Remembering that he is a Labrador, it got us thinking about the year we've had and our opinions are far removed from our surly black canine companion (we'll be having a motivational talk with Bonios later).

So, here are our highlights from 2017 . . .

Kick-starting our year, we delved into our expertise within tourism and helped several businesses with team weekends. From Edinburgh all the way to Budapest, we were successful in getting the best price and giving them amazing times.

A royal ring

Our expertise wasn't just narrowed down to travel. Bell gave us a ring when they had a royal visitor in the shape of Prince Edward as he was due to tour their amazing school. Wanting our unique outlook thrown in, we produced a timetable for the day, suggested the royal journey, as well as some unique touchpoints. These included branded hand-waving flags as well as a ceremonial bell to ring in the occasion to really make the event something special for the school, the students, and hopefully the Prince himself. Harry and Meghan, we can offer you a good rate for May if we're available!

From newton to new town

Soon, there was a change to the Cambridgeshire horizon. Not only were we making our mark as 'the' new events business in the city, but the new town of 'Eddington' started to take shape. The North West Cambridge Development team wanted the launch to be something special so we came in and provided two separate events (for stakeholders and residents) that really announced that Cambridge was growing!

Not only did our beloved city have a new town but our marketing and consulting knowledge was required by the first Home and Garden Show. Focusing on 'getting people there' we created a marketing plan, ticketing system and logistics for the setup and pack down. Not only was it a huge success, rumour has it that it will find an annual slot in the city's calendar as it returns in 2018.

Raise your glass

Alexfest was great fun to sink our teeth into! A charitable weekend of entertainment held at Pelle Pub Company's The Alexandra Arms. The event had been running for several years and, as regular attendees, we both asked to give it a makeover. Taking a few steps back and then charging at the event with our ideas, really made it work and helped raise a huge amount of money for the very worthy, Arthur Rank Hospice Charity.

The Cambridge Film Festival has always been in our calendar and we eagerly await the programme to be released each year. This time around, we were delighted to be asked to provide a gala night for key sponsor, Studio 24. Working with our favourite caterers, we themed the night on the movie (The Florida Project) and had some of the most Oscar-worthy food to the delight of the host and their clients.

Finishing off the year with a bang, we made sure Transversal had their best Christmas yet with a Masquerade Ball at the Cambridge Union Society. Christmas tree stilt walkers, moving statues blowing bubbles, and an LED juggler provided entertainment while we created a journey for their evening that we think they will never forget!

Best supporting role goes to...

Finally, we've been involved with our ongoing client work too. From team building with Green Custard, to supporting Mr Smith Leisure at major sporting events with first-class hospitality. We've been very much a part of the Emergenetics team by delivering their exhibitions all across the UK, and thoroughly enjoyed marketing events such as UX Cambridge and Lean Agile Scotland for the good eggs at Software Acumen.

2017, our clients, and our friends, you've all been amazing. To think where we were this time last year and all we have achieved, it's you that's made it possible. Let's throw away the glasses and raise a bottle to 2018!