A new horizon


Event Horizon started with something missing. Being part of such a wonderful city and with all the amazing events that are happening, we wanted to try and build a community of all the awesome people working in the same field as us.  Egged on by the delectable Joe Glover (of Cambridge Marketing Meetup infamy) we set out to provide a new hub for anyone with an interest in events.


Our manifesto for Event Horizon is simply to have fun. We understand that while meetups and networking events are primarily for business contacts and information gathering, there's no reason they can’t be fun as well. After all, people normally go to these events in their own spare time, so why not let your guard down. Also, what better way to actually network than showing people your true colours.


The best bit about Event Horizon? It’s for everyone. Whether you work in events, marketing, the community and charities, you’re a venue manager or even an MD of a small enterprise, we want you to join us, hear people’s experiences (both good and bad) and get involved! If you have any kind of interest in events then this is where you should be!

Ethically, we run Event Horizon on a four-word mantra: Learn, Share, Enjoy, Respect.  Simplistic, yes, but important nonetheless! We want everyone to feel included, to get something out of it and pass whatever good they have taken from the meetups out into the world with them. Fly, you are free!


So what makes us different? Well, for one, we’re quite nomadic. Cambridge has such an amazing array of venues and spaces it would be a shame for us to hunker down in one when we could be out exploring!

Our goal is to get some of the city’s most influential into these venues and show them what is available for any size group. We’re looking for speakers who can deliver interesting and influential experiences within the events world, whether it’s people presenting a case study, or guiding others within an event speciality, we hope to bring the best to the best!

Finally, we’re wanting to provide a fun experience to end the evening on, either highlighting an event that is happening within the city or a team building activity to help cement those networking bonds. Chances are you’ll really remember that person that you were trapped in an escape room with for 60 minutes.  At least you’ll know their true character!

So what happened?

We ran our very first Event Horizon as a beta event, inviting a handful of close and respected peers to Lockhouse Games who very kindly donated their space to us. Starting off with a little networking we soon realised what a lovely bunch of amazing people we had in the room. From seasoned event producers, venue finders, experiential marketers, to people wanting a career change and looking to get into the industry, we knew we had a far reach.

Kickstarting the main event, we introduced Alessandra Caggiano, Artistic Director of e-Luminate, Cambridge. Giving us an insight into the thoughts behind starting something as ambitious as the festival, as well as a humbling mention of where they could do better, to future plans, it was great to hear from someone who has had a ‘lightbulb’ moment and turned that glow into a floodlight.

After the talk, we let everyone continue their networking and sent some willing souls into the Escape Rooms to sample what treats Lockhouse Games can provide for team building events. Having one hour to solve puzzles and escape the threat (in this case, Armageddon), the team returned with the catchy name ‘The 30 Second’ers’. We’ll let you guess how long it took them to get out…

What now?

Event Horizon will be a quarterly event with the next one happening in February. We are finalising a location and have an amazing speaker in place so please head to www.meetup.com/Event-Horizon-Cambridge-Event-Meetup, sign up and join in.

Want in?

Do you want to get involved? We’re looking for sponsors for these events. Whether you have a venue, you’re a caterer, or provide an event service, we’d love to talk to you! Give us a buzz!