Justin Crane


Whether it’s tour-managing a band as they open Glastonbury festival, working with the Ministry of Sound in delivering an exclusive party for more than 1,500 students, or providing first-class hospitality at world-famous sporting tournaments, events aren’t just a way of life for Justin, they are his life.

During his early days of being a wannabe rockstar, Justin was deeply involved with releasing records, touring Europe and the logistics that it all brings. It wasn’t long before he made events his career. With professional qualifications in Business Management, experience as a seasoned speaker on event production and team integration, and inside knowledge on running high-profile social media accounts, his career was cemented by heading up an events department for 12 language schools across the UK and Eire. Following this, he delivered support as a Private Events Manager for two of Cambridge’s largest venues, and now continues to manage large hospitality teams delivering first-class service at events such as Wimbledon, Twickenham, Crystal Palace FC and the NFL.

Justin’s years of experience, knowledge and expertise will guarantee your event isn’t the stress-fest you might be fearing. There will be a calm, relaxed, and friendly face behind it all, taking the weight off your shoulders and guaranteeing that, from start to finish, the whole process will be far more enjoyable.

Jemma Crane


Jemma jumped aboard the marketing train back in 2005. Gripped by the impact an event can have, she quickly shaped her specialism.

Beginning her career in the hotel industry, Jemma developed a wedding show programme, managed hundreds of functions, and launched restaurants and accommodation around the city of Norwich. Moving to award-winning experiential marketing agency TRO, she then worked on major national events including WTCC, the Vauxhall Insignia launch, and the Saab Salomon trail running series. Next stop was an Event Marketing Specialist position at the Royal Society of Chemistry where she held the lead role in promoting scientific conferences, running exhibitions and managing roadshows around the globe. More recently Jemma has developed events with Cambridge Film Festival, Comedy Live, and international charity CBM. She also markets top-class software conferences including UX Cambridge and Agile in the City: London.

Jemma has a degree in Management, a diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and is a member of charity support network Jo’s Voices. She’s uber nerdy about setting objectives and measuring results, so you can be certain that every element of your event will stay on track and make an impact.

Ludo Crane


Needing to expand the team, Justin and Jemma welcomed Ludo in 2014 to take on the very important role of Office Junior.

He does a lot of snoozing on the job, gets extremely distracted by sandwiches, and his doggyspondences never seem to get completed. Despite this, his crazed enthusiasm for meeting people (particularly if they are behind a door), loyalty to his colleagues, and overall love of life make him an irreplaceable member of the team.

You’ll be sure to meet him at all outdoor events where he will no doubt give you a big, very unprofessional smooch.