12 tips to make your event rock, not roll


Today, and every day, we doff our cap to all MicroBiz owners and Freelance Heroes who are doing it for themselves! Starting, and maintaining your own business is a good way to discover any unchecked emotions but once you have tamed that beast, jump on and enjoy a wild ride. You're a rockstar, and you know it. Soon, we'll know it too!

Events can be a major part of your marketing mix, helping businesses grow and develop exponentially, but they do have their challenges! Here are our #IGave12 tips for making your event the success it deserves to be.

1. Starter for 12

The event is in 3 months' time? Then you should have started working on it a month ago! Give yourself plenty of time to plan, await responses from suppliers and changes from clients. Try to have everything ready to go a couple of weeks before the event.

2. Banging briefs

Knock that brief out of the park by asking the right questions; who, what, where, and probably the most important, why? If the client doesn't know then show examples of other events or ask them about events they've attended (and liked).

3. Location, location, location

The right venue can make all the difference. Does it have character? Is it accessible? Does it have parking? For your sake, make sure it has WiFi! 

4. Stretch well

Bob Dylan once sang 'The times they are a changin' and that rings true in the events world. Except it's not just the times, it could be content, location, date, or type of event. We feel your pain but try and keep things as flexible as possible.

5. Delegate, mate! 

You can't do it all by yourself, so make sure you have a dream team behind you. Be proactive, be assertive, try not to be controlling and trust in other people making your event happen.

6. Don't budge on the budget

Make sure you know what your budget is and stick to it. If you're over-budget, work out if not having those personalised Frisbees are going to stop your event from flying.

7. You are the negotiator but it doesn't have to be a hostage situation

You need suppliers and suppliers need you! A cheeky ask may help you make that budget work and get the Frisbees back in the game! However, you should also be working on positive relationships with your suppliers so don't burn those bridges.

8. Sharing is caring

Online documents are a joyous thing and should be embraced. Having an accessible document can mean your team are, literally, on the same page.

9. Whoops! 

Things do go wrong and it can get painful. Having a backup plan and contingency will ease the pain and hopefully, no one (but you) will ever know!

10. Walk the walk

A couple of weeks before, walk through the event, take the journey the attendee will take and flag up anything that doesn't quite flow. If something needs changing, you have the time!

11. Snap happy

Photograph your event with gusto. You will instantly have online content to show your success to the world. Be proud, you should be!

12. #tagging

Encourage others to use your bespoke event hashtag. You'll be tweeting throughout the event but increase your exposure by getting others to do the work for you. It's nice to feel included, encourage others to tag themselves in your photos.

Sounds like a lot of work? It is, but we love it and strive to make your shindig, our business. All great rockstars have an amazing team behind the scenes making things happen. Get in touch if you would like consultation, management or marketing to ensure your event rocks, not rolls.