Ruff mudder


This post is written by our 'office junior' (of course). Over to you, Ludo ...

My humans tell me that challenge events have become big business over the past 10+ years and there appears to be no sign of this slowing down. People are signing up to run through ice cold water, powder paint, and even bubbles! Naturally, charities have jumped on board and now the challenge has become to think of something different to do. Something that not only stands out to those who wish to participate but arguably, more importantly, those who will be inspired to sponsor.

So, how does the 'Muddy Dog Challenge' event stand out from the crowd?

Well, it's the direct link between the charity's mission and the activity itself which makes it shine in the sea of sponsored events. With a target market of dog lovers, what better way than to host an event where their own beloved pooch can join them? Win-win for all of us and no alone time whilst the humans are out raising the dollar!

Jemma's facebook feed is nothing but a stream of event news and labrador blogs. So when this well-thought-out event popped up via a cleverly targeted advert, she was straight on the website checking out all the videos and photos and had us all signed up before I could finish my bonio! 

She wasn't the only one! The event was so successful, on our particular event day all the humans and pups raised a woofing great total of £88,000!

What was the event like?

It was great! The challenge started with a comedy warm-up which caused a lot of giggles from the humans and then we were off. 5K of streams, obstacles, and that wonderful mud. We were pleasantly surprised by the scale of the event and the sheer number of challenges, 13 in fact (unlucky for some). 

We worked our way through the Dog Dash, Tyre Tunnels, Canine Crawl, Muddy Tunnels, Doggy Ball Pit, and finally the Muddy Mayhem! Tackling it as a team, we got through it all and it was great having the lovely Battersea volunteers guiding us around the course and cheering us on.

The day ended with a well-deserved ice cream for us all but then the dreaded ...... B-A-T-H!

In summary

Well done Battersea! A brilliant idea, successfully marketed, and an absolute blast to take part in. We'll see you next year!

If you would like to take part in the Muddy Dog Challenge and raise money for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, you can register your interest for 2018 via their website.