Event horizon two: quenching the thirst


Where can you find a group of event heads, venue managers, suppliers, designers, marketers, and students; sharing thoughts and ideas on how to make events better? Event Horizon, that’s where!

Last night was the second in the series, hosted by the awesome people at Thirsty. They are leading the way for a drinking revolution in Cambridge with their shop, mobile bars and pop-up Biergarten, a staple to the Cambridge summer landscape.

It was with the Biergarten that made us realise that Thirsty founder, Sam Owens, would be perfect for our merry band of event misfits. Having proven that the brand was so much more than a static shop, we listened with glee as Sam told us how an idea can be expanded and developed while learning from mistakes along the way.

From starting a pop up in a car park, to a museum, and now it’s new home in a church!

Sam was passionate when talking about his mission to bring cool and exciting events to Cambridge and brutally honest about the struggles that you can encounter while trying to get something new off the ground.

Things we took away:

  1. You need to just give it a go - grow that seed of an idea and watch it blossom
  2. What you don’t ask for you don’t get - be brave, ask the questions
  3. Publicise - let people know what you are doing, grab any opportunity that is given
  4. Quality - make sure you are delivering a good product, do your research
  5. Have personality - look around and see what’s happening, improve on others mistakes/shortcomings
  6. Have a good team behind you - get people who are passionate about your product and want it to succeed

Reading back, it’s clear that it’s not rocket science but some people seem to stall at the first point. Luckily, as Event Horizon has proven, there is a network of people out there who want to help, advise and make things happen. So what are you waiting for?

Ironically we had a surprise visit from Cambridge News who wanted to highlight our little meetup in their business pages. Taking charge of Sam’s third point, who were we to shun such publicity! We’ll share a link to the article once it’s live.

Finally, we were lucky enough to have Anne-Marie Miller from Carbon Orange join us to do some live sketchnoting and scribing at the event. This is an exciting new service they are launching alongside their established graphic design business. As you can see from the results they are a fantastic addition and add a uniqueness to your event. Do check them out and look out for more info coming from them soon.

Wanna come to the next one in September? Join our group and we'll notify you when the date is confirmed!