Sweet themes

Deciding to give your event a theme or not may seem a very tricky decision. Be it a corporate event, party, or even your wedding - you may feel that a theme is rather tacky. Well, we say, if a theme is done well, it can be what sets it apart. For all the right reasons!

Here's why:

Keeps it personal

A theme is a celebration of what's special about your event. It could be based on the values of your brand, the date of the celebration, or where you first met as a couple. Whatever you choose, the theme will give each and every guest a feel of the individuals involved, it will help tell your story. 

Brings everything together

The venue, food, drink, decor, and entertainment can all be part of a theme. It will give the event focus and make every element belong together. Those in attendance will feel connected and instantly have something in common, getting them talking right from the moment they receive the invitation.

By unifying everything, you can also keep your objectives on track and your budget in check too.

Makes a memory

Whether your theme is a simple underlying affair or a full blown extravaganza, it will give your event a visual and creative edge. It will not only provide a lasting impression but a memory of what set it apart from all other events your guests have attended. This will reinforce what was said, who they met, and the fun they had.

There is also likely to be far more interaction with your event if there is a theme. More photos will be taken, leading to more social media sharing, and in turn, the feel of your event will reach a wider audience.

So there you have it. Next time the doubt creeps in for your fantastic idea, remember these positives and embrace it. You won't regret it, we promise!

If you want to chat about how we can make your event theme a reality, get in touch.