Today is Bring Your Dog To Work Day! In offices up and down the country, our furry friends are being welcomed into the workplace all in aid of two charities dedicated to making a difference to the welfare of dogs: All Dogs Matter and Animals Asia.
It's widely documented that having a dog in your office brings a whole host of benefits. Reduced stress, team collaboration, improved morale, a healthier working environment and increased job satisfaction - to name just a few reasons. This is certainly the case for us with client feedback referring to our 'calming spirit' which is clearly down to having Ludo the Labrador as part of our team.

So how does this relate to the world of events?

Well, during our celebrations today we chatted about how great it is that our pup is with us on our desk-based days, but what a shame it is that he's unable to join on event days. So we got to thinking, how can we take the benefits associated with having a dog in the office and apply to all workforce activity? We came up with the following ideas:

Networking events

There are lots of networking opportunities out there, all fighting for people's time, so organisers are often looking for something to make their event different. So in the summer months why not take your networking outside? With many venues allowing dogs in their gardens, you have the instant answer to a more memorable event. Drawing back to those 'dog benefits' you may just find having four-legged friends there actually sparks conversation - a complete win for those feeling a little nervous.

Team days

With so many personal commitments, summer fun days where your team can bring their partners and children are always a hit. So what about inviting dogs along too? As dog owners, we're all too familiar with the guilt of having to leave the pup at home, so when they're welcome too - you're always guaranteed our attendance.
As well as ensuring your entire workforce can be there how about incorporating a dog show alongside your treasure hunts and bouncy castles? It will add that element of fun and reinforce those 'pooch positives.'


A key part of most company social calendars is more often than not taking part in a charitable activity. Many charities now offer sponsored dog-related challenge events (in fact that's a topic for a future blog post) but how about the team volunteering to help out at a shelter? They will be surrounded by all breeds and both the humans and dogs will reap the 'warm and fuzzy' rewards.
Ok, we understand that it's not always right to invite our four-legged friends along and know not everyone is a 'dog person' (really?!). With 25% of the UK's population being dog owners though, isn't it worth entertaining the idea? Let's benefit from a happier, brighter and more united working environment - wherever that may be located!
Right, we're off for a team meeting in the park . . . .
P.S. You can donate to both BYDTWD charities via the official event website - can you spot Ludo in the hall of fame?