We had an idea to take the whole team away together, to reflect, learn, plan and spend time doing things that add that extra level of connection in the team. We had a broad plan for the event but needed input, expertise and support to help bring the whole thing together. When you engage an outside agency to help with something like this, of such importance, you hope like mad that they’ll just make the whole thing a smooth and organised operation - and that’s exactly what we got, and much more besides. From the big things to the small touches they really helped make the event a great success for everyone involved.
— Colin Miles, CEO, Somersault

The client 

Somersault believe that, in an era where everyone can do everything, genuine specialists are the ones that can really make a difference. With this is mind, their mission is to build the world’s #1 video agency.

The brief

We were approached by Colin Miles, CEO of Somersault, to provide support and to help realise his training concept. He wanted to kick start ‘Somercamp’, a team trip that could act as a shared learning session, as well as a thank you for helping Somersault become the video powerhouse it is today. Having settled on a destination, Colin needed us to tie all the pieces together.

We took on all the logistics for the trip, as well as location research, concepts for branded merchandise, and technology for the sessions. Most importantly, the emphasis on the event was to have an inclusive feel so that they could get the most out of the training, have a little downtime and, avoiding all cliches, really bond as a team.



The main event

After a discovery meeting, we set to work straight away creating an in-depth research document that gave Somersault a veritable pick ‘n’ mix. Once choices had been whittled down, a further research document was created to really help cement the inaugural Somercamp.

Taking ownership of all the time-consuming tasks gave Somersault the opportunity to concentrate on their day-to-day work while we took on information sourcing and supplier liaison to bring everything together effortlessly.

Having all aspects of the trip confirmed, we then set to work putting together the itinerary, talking to different suppliers and booking services. 

We provided concepts for a welcome pack for each member of the team. Taking Somersault’s own session packs, and combining them with Somercamp shirts, useful language guides, and our personal favourite, branded sun cream, we provided a unique layer to the event.

Finally, we travelled alongside the team to be on-hand and deliver a first class service,  ensuring they had everything they needed at all times. From facilitating the sessions, keeping them to time, and everything in-between, our on-site management took the pressure off to guarantee the training was the focus.

The results

  • An amazing two-day event in stunning Lisbon, Portugal

  • Stress-free face to face and online meetings to brainstorm and cement ideas

  • Provided all behind the scenes logistical support from concept to reality

  • On-site management ensuring effective event delivery

Somersault is definitely a business to aspire to and an absolute pleasure to work alongside. To be included as part of the team and provide a service which complemented their requirements was a dream project.

Ultimately, helping them realise their vision of an alternative training session that was combined as a thank you was an incredible honour. It truly was an experience that made us fall head over heels for a new type of team building.